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jOrdii shmOrdii <|3

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we find our selves in the same old mess .. [03 Aug 2004|08:29pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

SHIT . i just updated and its gone again . i hate live journal. someone please make me an xanga . not that anyone shall see my plee cos noone reads this !!! . well . bye .

vacation sucked ass by the way ..

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then the rOsry beads cOunt them 1 2 3 [25 Jul 2004|11:31pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

shit .i just updated and it cleared it . motherfucker .well . kellys a bitch . she can die cos shes a back stabber . uhm i dont remember whut else i rote . o yea ; nicole wait for me to see the village :] . well . what else ? i love new found glory .. kelly likes the but .. winski .. i dont know what is obvious if thats not .. her new found best friend and she likes her boy friend .. shame on you ya slutty fucker skank ball ! well im going on vaca so i wont be updating for a wile not that anyone reads it . comments are nice . well, my dads making me get off because 'its 11 and you should be wrapping it up.'

i shall miss you and think of you often.
if your my friend .

x - jordan

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[23 Jul 2004|12:49pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

hey homos . how goes ? oh well . well heres my 2 days .

last nite i slept over kellys although she doesnt wanna admit it . we watched movies and stayed up till 3 . heather [ coles cousin ]was there 2 . she fell asleep at like 11:30 . then vicki was over and we watched more movies . so much fun .then i went home for like 10 minutes then nicole called and i went to her cousins house . we had a water fight with VINCENZO and dave . and then we all ended up in the pool somehow . then started to rain . and vinny got yelled at . so we went inside and did nothing . then we are now at nicoles house and fighting with heather and kelly . so much fun .

k bye .

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because i need you more then you need me [22 Jul 2004|01:02pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

01. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 3 and a half years
</b>02. I still watch cartoons </b>
03. i've never seen The O.C.
04. I love almost all music.
06. I want a tattoo.
07. I wear glasses.
08. But mostly to read the blackboard and drive.
09. I want more piercings.
10. but i can't ever get any more
11. I love to watch the rain.
12. I like to walk in the dark at night with someone special and talk.
13. I don't believe in true love when i was younger.
14. I am a pretty cynical person sometimes.
15. Sometimes I cry for no damn reason.
16. I cry about stupid things.
17. I hate being walked all over and treated like crap.
18. It annoys me when people try to tell me how I am, and what I like.
19. I love music.
20. I am not sure if I believe in God. But i think i believe in a higher power.
21. I often feel alone.
22. I'm a sometimes loud and funny person.
23. A boy in high school shattered my heart into a million pieces.
24. I get depressed sometimes.
25. I hate it when people critisize me for what I like.
26. I crack my knuckles, wrists, ankles, back, etc.
27. I fidgit with anything when I'm nervous.
28. I'm a weird person.
29. I consider myself pretty unique.
30. My eyes are brown.
31. Listening to music usually helps my mood.
32. I am a disappointment to myself.
33. I love sleeping.
34. I'm obsessed with Vanilla.
35. I have a few close friends.
36. Okay, i have like 2 friends.
37. I need to lose weight.

38. I like popcorn.[but it gets stuck in my braces:[ ]
39. I love watching tv.
40. I like malls.
41. I like cold weather better than hot.
42. I really dig Depeche Mode
43. I love Winter.
44. I'm addicted to AIM.
45. I have trouble trusting people.
46. I do not label myself anything besides "me."
47. I love my family. they're the only ones i got.
48. I love hot weather.
50. I hate shaving my legs. [but I do it, anyway]
51. Sleeping is a hobby of mine.

52. I like to listen to music everyday.
53. I love white tigers.
54. I love dancing.
55. I don't always like the way I look.
56. I used to cut myself.

57. I'm a daydreamer.
58. I feel lucky i met the right guy.
59. I like when my friends write me letters//, it makes me feel special.
60. I randomly doodle on pieces of paper or myself when boredom strikes.
61. I love all my LJ, DJ, and GJ friends.
62. I'm allergic to milk.
63. I wish people would stop making me cry over their stupidity.
64. I hate people who try to be what they're not.
65. I went to boarding school for the last 2 years of high school
66. I love all candy, well, most.
67. I get my feelings hurt really easy.
68. I believe inner beauty is more important than outer beauty.
69. I wear pants a lot.
70. I wish I had more money.
71. I like to say what's on my mind.
72. I hate blue jeans
73. I'm online a lot.
74. I have 2 goldfish
75. I am for the most part happy with myself.
76. I need to work out more. [I need to start!]
77. I like being alone at certain times.
78. When I get angry, I curse to myself sometimes.
79. i wish I could spend more money on friends/family.

80. I hate shallow people.
81. I'm a type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetic
82. I ponder life way too much.
83. Sometimes I think everyone hates me.
84. I wish my brother didn't die.
85. I hate it when girls have their thongs sticking really far out of the back of their pants.
86. I need to be showed I'm loved.
87. I wish I was better.
88. I hate discrimination.
89. I hate guys who are only out for one thing.
90. I have a cute car.
91. I love glitter
92. I sometimes wish i was more social.
93. I love my close friends.
94. I love to have fun.
95. I get asmused easily
96. I'm a lazy ass. I really am.
97. I'm usually more outgoing when I'm around friends.
98. I love to be me.
99. I like wearing hoodies.
100. I'm graduating college in June!


well that was fun ..

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rescue me [21 Jul 2004|06:08pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Take the quiz: "Which Random Irish Gaelic Phrase Are You? "

Ta mo bhriste tri thine
Ta mo bhriste tri thine - 'My trousers are on fire.'You're a few bricks short of a load, aren't you? You're probably not allowed to use sharp objects and you should be locked in a rubber room. With Rubber rats. Rubber rats? I hate rubber rats. They drive me crazy. Crazy? I was crazy once. They put me in a rubber room. With rubber rats. Rubber rats? I hate rubber rats. They drive me crazy. :]

well today sucked. so do you . me and kelly fought twice today . on the computer ass hole . cos now .. well lets not get into it . you suck, bye bye .

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[20 Jul 2004|07:23pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

ive decided that im gunna do a quiz of the day cos i never update and this is a reason to .

so heres my firstie .

Where Will You Be In 10 years Time?
Cats or Dogs?
How much will you be worth $40,482,803.42
will you live long (8) - Yes - definitely. - (8)
still have the same friends TRUE
do people still like you - 6%
This cool quiz by bella_ojos - Taken 9 Times.
New! Get Free Horoscopes from Kwiz.Biz

thats ... comforting .
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[18 Jul 2004|07:44pm]
[ mood | drained ]

ive been going out eith timmy for a month and weve talked once . no lie .

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[18 Jul 2004|11:35am]
Which Band Should You Be In?
by couplandesque
Your Name
Band NameStereophonics
TrademarkAppearing Onstage Almost Nude
Love InterestGuy Who Works At Wal-Mart
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

o yes .
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[17 Jul 2004|08:51pm]
i hate everyone . cept kelly :] lol
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[17 Jul 2004|08:00pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

i havent updated in a wile . i babysat all freakin day . omg . im rele tired. and i got 50 bucks for doin nuthin ! woopa . well im lonely cos no1 is talkin 2 me . so bye bye <|3

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[15 Jul 2004|11:49am]
l3q0las_ex_0h may explode without warning


From Go-Quiz.com

hell yea :]
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quizzes :] [14 Jul 2004|08:30pm]

Which 1990's Subculture Do You Belong To?

[Another Quiz by Kris
@ couplandesque.net]

I took the most accurate villain personality test

created by:
The Arch Villainess Gracie

Which Evil Villain Bad Habit are you?

yup thats sexy .

ok thats enough for now .
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and thats why .. i looove you [14 Jul 2004|08:09pm]
[ mood | weird ]

well . today was gay . i spent four hours sitting with some really ugly kid who wouldnt shut up . and plus we were doing like nothing . so i was reading some rele gay ass book and this kid is like 'blah blah blah ' and then somebody that worked there walked by me and i was like SHUT THE FUCK UP ! and she heard me and i almost got kicked out of the lybrary . o well . dont careeeeeeeeeee . my word is shizen so back off vicki :]

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[12 Jul 2004|08:15pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

and thats why i loooooove you

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yay !! my computer works again :] [12 Jul 2004|07:28pm]
[ mood | bored ]

woo hoo . i havta .. i dont remember now . im friends with vicki again :] . i havnt been on in a long time . cos my computer is ex screwed . the dance was gay . so are you . well thats all . byeo .

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my computer doesnt work :[ [09 Jul 2004|01:11pm]
[ mood | touched ]

hi hi . my computer doesnt work . im at my moms work . not cool ! mofo .. well , im bored . i dont havta babysit anymore . today or tomorrow . so now im going to the dance . i think with kelly . this should be fun - my best friend VICKI is gunna be there . i think . oooh well we prolly wont talk anyway . i went to the beach again with kelly yesterday ! we saw lots of kids that WERE NOT UGLY . kelly thought they were though . she doesnt know what hot is :] hehe . well thats it . byeo !

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ish [07 Jul 2004|06:14pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i went to the beach with kelly today ! it was fun !! there was this really ass hole ish kid and he said he got stabbed by 4 mexicans when he rele got a mole removed . shmuck . after we were in the ocean, we went to the bay thingerr and the dirt underwater felt like poop . it was nasty lol kelly . well alotta other shit happened like the hot life saver dude what ever they are called . save lifer . life .. guard !!! thats it . well he wasnt hot but kelly said he was so he isnt . k bye .

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quiz time :] haha . [06 Jul 2004|10:03pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Wallet: blue
Favorite top: my billabong shirt !
Perfume/Cologne: warm vanilla sugar
Piercings: 2 in each ear
What you are wearing now: my pajamas :]
In my head: what is ?
Wishing: i wasnt fat
Talking to: kelly wiz
Some of your favorite movies: peter pan, grease, lotr trilogy ..
Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming months: can you make up a longer question ?
the last thing you ate?: a penut butter sammich
Something that you are deathly afraid of?: drowning
Do you believe in love: yep
Do you believe in soul mates: nope
Do you believe in love at first sight: nope
Do you believe in forgiveness: i do, someone else does not
if you could have any animal for a pet : dog ! how original ..
What are some of your favorite pig out foods?: penut butter sammiches !!
What's something you wish you could understand better?: my parents >:[]
Anyone you miss that you haven't seen in a long time?: kelly since last week ;]

In the last 24 hours, have you:
Cried?: no
Bought something?: no
Gotten sick?: no
Sang?: yep !!
Eaten?: ya
Been kissed?: nope
Felt stupid?: omg .
told someone you loved them, but didn't?: no
Met someone new?: no
Moved on?: no ?
Hugged someone?: no
Fought with your parents: yep
Dreamed about someone you can't be with?: no ?

Social Life:
Boyfriend/Girlfriend? yep
What type automobile do you wish you drove?: one with weels ?
Would you rather be with friends or on a date?: friends
Where is the best hangout?: dn
Do you have a job?: yea
Do you like being around people?: sometimes

Do you argue the most with?: cole
Do you always get along with best?: kelly wiz
Is the most trustworthy?: kelli and amanda
Makes you laugh the most?: kelly mac
Has been there through all the hard times : kelly
Has the coolest siblings?: thats a gay question

Who is your role model?: not you !
Have you ever had a crush on someone u couldn't have: yeah !!
Have you ever cried over the opposite sex?: why ?
Do you have a "type" of person you always go after?: nope ?
Ever wanted to get revenge on someone because they hurt you?: uh huh
Rather be dumper or dumped?: dumper
Rather have a relationship or a "hookup"?: relationship
Want someone you don't have right now?: no
Ever liked your best guy/girl friend?: noo
Do you want to get married?: yep
Do you want kids?: yep
Do you believe you know the person whom you will marry at this point in time: there is a question that is longer !
What is your favorite part of your physical appearance?: nothing
What is your favorite part of your emotional being?: nothing
Are you happy with you?: no
Are you happy with your life?: no

LAYER ONE: On The Outside
Full name: jordan elizabeth hanley
Birth date: july 4 1991
Birthplace: community medical
Eye Color: blue green and grey
Hair Color: brown
Height: 5' something ?
Righty or Lefty: righty
Zodiac Sign: cancer

LAYER TWO: On The Inside
Your heritage: german, irish, and scottish
Shoes you wore today: none !
Your weakness: idk ?
Your fears: 2 many
Your perfect pizza: plain ?
Goal you'd like to achieve: live till im .. dead !

LAYER THREE: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your most overused phrase on AIM: uh oh, woopa, lol
Your thoughts first waking: another day, another .. nothing .
Your best physical feature: idk ?
Your bedtime: 12
Your most missed memory: being friend w/ vickii ..

Sprite, Pepsi, Coke: coke
McDonald's or Burger King: burger king
Single or group dates: single
Adidas or Nike: neither
Lipton Iced Tea or Nestea: lipton .. y ??
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
Cappuccino or coffee: cappuccino

Smoke: no
Cuss: yes mofo !
Sing: yepp, but not well
Have a crush(es): nope, i hate guys .
Like(d) high school: not yett
Want to get married: yep
Believe in yourself: sometimes
Get motion sickness: no
Think you're attractive: no
Think you're a health freak: no
Get along with your parents: no
Like thunderstorms: yep :]
Play an instrument: i quit the piano and clarinet

LAYER SIX: In the past few months have you...
Drank alcohol: no
Smoked: no
Done any drugs: no
Gone to the mall: yep
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: no
Eaten sushi: YES !!
Been on stage: no ?
Been dumped: yep
Gone skating: in january, yep
Gone skinny dipping: no ?
Dyed your hair: no
Stolen anything: no
Lied: yep

Smoked: no
Drank: yep
Played a game that required removal of clothing: no ?
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: not today ??
Been caught "doing something": uhh no ..
Been called a tease: noper
Shoplifted: no

LAYER EIGHT: Getting Older
Age you hope to be married: after college
Numbers and Names of Children: haha, no .
How do you want to die: peacefully
What do you want to be when you grow up: forensic scientist
What country would you most like to visit: ireland

LAYER NINE: In a guy?
Best eye color?: green
Best hair color?: brown
Short or long hair: surfer/skater cut
Height: same as me !
Best weight: not fat but not super skinny
Best articles of clothing: surfer, skater, that kinda stuff

LAYER TEN: In The Numbers...
Number of people I could trust with my life: less than 5
Number of CDs that I own: too many to count
Number of piercings: 4
Number of tattoos: 0
Number of times my name has appeared in the Newspaper: like none
Number of scars on my body: 2 many
Number of things in my past that I regret: 2many

yep there

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today was .. boring as usual . [06 Jul 2004|06:46pm]
[ mood | jealous ]

today was boring . i did nothing . again . shasha . im eating watermelon ! its good :] i talked to timmy for like 5 minutes . then my computer freaked out and froze and crashed ands some other stuff . not cool . well, nothing else to say . k bye .

-jOrdO ham

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idk . [05 Jul 2004|12:44pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

liddle rOxy 609: update your journal !

ok fine !! finey fine fine fine ! ine ine ine ine ! lol kelly .

well yesterday sucked balls . it was rele boring and suck ballsy . well , idn what else to say . im going to see spidermanII with my parents today . im so ashmamed :[ oh well . i wanna see it so whatever floats your boat ya knoe ? shma . there ya go kelly .

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